Aamir Khan promises to restore Rancho’s school in Leh

by Padma Preetham

t didn’t come as a surprise when Aamir Khan decided to shower some compassion towards the people of Leh. Taking cue from the latest news, the philanthropic actor took the plunge to organize and donate to resurrect Druk Padma School at Shey in Leh.
Incidentally this school, which was damaged in the recent rainstorm, shot to fame after Aamir’s character Rancho a.k.a. scientist Fungsuk Wangdo in ‘3 Idiots’ was shown running the school in the movie.

Aamir interacted with the students of the school

Aamir has decided to champion a cause after seeing the school being badly damaged in the cloudburst that happened two weeks ago.

The actor, who is quite popular in Leh has a special affection for this particular school after it was featured in ‘3 Idiots’. He stated that this is not how he wanted to revisit Leh, which incidentally is in a bad condition.

“I will contribute myself and I also want the people to contribute to the PM’s Relief Fund,” added Aamir

While at the school, Aamir interacted with the students and the management of the school. Moreover, the ‘3 Idiots’ actor even managed to take stock of the things that were damaged.

Aamir wants everyone to donate for Leh

Saddened to see the devastating situation at the school, Aamir stated, “All is not well, but for the sake of humanity one should help others. One should raise the morale of others.”

Announcing exclusively to the media, Aamir stated, “One part of the country is suffering and it is our duty to help the people out.”

“One should donate whatever one can within the best of his abilities to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. The money for the rehabilitation is coming from that fund,”further added Aamir

Taking a one day long trip in Leh with the chief of the Drukpa sect of Buddhism, the 12th Gyalwang Druk Chen, Aamir thanked the media for their support in telling the people of the country about the heavy loss in Ladakh.

Since tourism is the backbone in Ladakh, Aamir also shared his beautiful moments visiting this heavenly place and summed up stating that people should visit Leh and it’s quite a safe place to come.