Greenhouse in Mongolia by American Himalayan Foundation (AHF)

Mongolia, a Buddhist country, suffered for many years under a repressive regime in which hundreds of monasteries were destroyed and thousands of monks killed. The collapse of the Soviet Union brought religious freedom back to Mongolia, but the transition to a market economy has left many people in poverty. Traditional livestock herding has suffered from economic and environmental changes, and local herders and nomads are looking for better ways to support their families.

Fortunately, "ger" (traditional Mongolian tent-house) camps in the Southern Gobi have become a big draw for tourists who are rediscovering the natural beauty and rich cultural history of Mongolia, and can offer a source of income for the herders and nomads who run them. The tourists who stay in the camps crave fresh vegetables. So, the locals saw a good business opportunity and asked AHF to help.

The solution: Greenhouses! AHF has helped build a greenhouse near the village of Bulgan, an isolated but well-touristed community in the Southern Gobi. The results are impressive: triple the crop yields of open sky farming, a hungry market for the harvest, and the locals are learning important new skills. They even have their own brand of tomato!

AHF is helping to bring a viable new way-of-life to the people of Mongolia. Tomatoes today. Economic independence tomorrow. Would you like to help? Click here.

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