What is Mentorship? (by

What is Mentorship?

GTPN mentorship is a unique program where young Tibetan apprentices (users looking for mentors) are matched to carefully chosen users from within the GTPN network called Mentors who would guide these apprentices in the career. (who are willing to mentor or guide these apprentices).

Mentors and Apprentices are matched for a period of three months (or longer if they wish to continue) during which the Mentor and Apprentice can correspond one-to-one easily through the GTPN site. GTPN Mentorship is intended to give benefit from the expert knowledge and experience of their Mentors and use this personalized service to give them an edge in their careers, studies and business.

If you are willing to be Mentor and contiibute to the progress of community by helping the young Tibetans then please join GTPN.

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