Searching for Grass and Water: Tibet's Last Nomads

From a global environmental perspective, few other places in the world are as important as the grazing lands of the Tibetan Plateau now.  Rising concerns about climate change, global warming, melting glaciers, food security, water, and loss of biodiversity all point to the significance of the Tibetan rangelands in addressing these global challenges.  Tackling these important global issues requires that more attention be paid to the people that make a living on the grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau – Tibetan nomads.  The fact that Tibetan nomads have managed to survive attests to the rationality and efficacy of many aspects of traditional Tibetan nomadic pastoral production.  Over thousands of years, Tibetan nomads accommodated to their environment, learning to live with what it offered instead of changing and molding the landscape to suit their needs, as farmers try to do.  Thus, Tibetan nomads have much to teach us about living in harmony with the land.

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