Tibet Healing Fund (hosted in Portland, OR recently)

Solutions (by Doctor-la and others attending) from a local level for Tibetans in established and well functioning communities in the USA and other places:

  • Maintain or rekindle relationships with families in tibet and surrounding areas or "adopt a village."
  • Sharing of data is difficult since nomadic and farming families generally don't share too much info (accurately) but what Doctor-la did was compare/contrast data with communities in Humla-Jumla in western Nepal. Stats are all over the place.
  • Host Doctor-la and other personalities for fund raising and sharing info on such projects
  • Encourage monks and lay people to do such projects said, one of the audience.

Tibetan Healing Fund's Work

Tibetan Healing Fund provides teacher training and improved access to quality education as a way to enhance the livelihood of individuals and the community.

Children's Fund
Tibetan Heritage Primer Textbooks
Improve Access to Quality Education
Children’ s Fund
Bilingual Teacher Training
School Improvement Projects

Tibetan Healing Fund improves the basic health of women and children by providing public health education and increased access to quality and essential health services.

Tibetan Maternal and Child Health
Tibetan Natural Birth & Health Training Center
Maternal & Child Health Education Handbooks
Community Health Assessment
Community & Family Health Education and Outreach
Community Midwife Training
Tibetan Maternal Health System- Integrative System of Tibetan and Western Medicine

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