Help Rahul, who unfortunately passed away

(Milan Shrestha at NY: (917) 293-4702 requested me to post this up to the site. Do contact him for details or the other contacts provided in . Thanks).

Rahul Hamal, a student of Caldwell College, passed away on March 27. He was being treated in the Intensive Care Unit at Moutainside Hopital, NJ since March 8. The doctors could not diagnose his condition. His family has been here for almost three weeks now. We plead all of you to support Rahul's family in this time of bereavement.

Note: The funds will be collected in Dixant Rai's Paypal account which will be donated to Rahul's family. The Nepali community at Caldwell College requested Dixant Rai to administer the fund as he was an intimate friend of Rahul Hamal. For transparency , all the transactions of the donations collected will be posted regularly.

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