Voice of American - Global Tibs (very cool videos) (Go to, "the Up and Coming")

Global Tibetan Professionals Network (GTPN) North America


GTPN - North America is a non-profit, volunteer-based networking organization for Tibetan professionals and students based in North America. GTPN aims to support, motivate and empower Tibetans to take their place in the Tibetan community with, specialized skills and successful careers. We aim to serve as a platform where Tibetan professionals from diverse backgrounds in North America can network with each other and find creative ways of contributing to their professional and Tibetan communities. Through GTPN, Tibetan professionals can stay connected by exchanging ideas, information and resources as well as guide others through career mentoring. We work in close association with the Office of Tibet (New York), Students for a Free Tibet, local Tibetan Associations and other Tibet Support Groups. Our hope is to build a better future and a stronger Tibetan nation tomorrow by empowering and establishing successful youth and professionals today.

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