Machik, strenthening communities on the Tibean Plateau

machik (ma gcig) df. 1. one mother; 2. (ma cig) epithet, as in Machik Lapdron, 11th century Tibetan woman innovator who developed the practice of Chod
Our approach begins with a commitment to grassroots rural community work. We have invested at the micro-level, strengthening Tibetan capacity in rural areas brick by brick. From the beginning, our work has also involved creating new opportunities for training, learning and skills development. But the work has also been about more than bricks and mortar. It is about revitalizing community values and renewing hope and trust in the potential of collective effort.

As our work expands in new directions, we seek to broaden our impact by bringing to bear new resources, tools and entrepreneurial strategies. We seek to make our impact more sustainable by identifying and investing in creative and dynamic individuals who are committed to service and to making a positive difference in their communities. And we seek to make our impact global by creating a nexus for building new transnational and institutional partnerships, synergies and cooperative ventures. As we take steps forward in strengthening communities on the Tibetan plateau--making real connections with real people--we also seek to build a broader-based awareness and understanding of our work through our outreach efforts across local, regional and global scales.

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