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TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2009
Our Sherpa Adventure Gear Flagship Store nears completion
The new Sherpa Adventure Gear Flagship Store continues to develop as most of the inside finished and the outside nearly ready to go. With a projected opening in late June, the building should prove to be a beautiful addition to Durbar Marg in Kathmandu.

The building will feature 4,500 square feet of retail space on two levels for both our soft goods and hard goods for climbing and trekking. It will also have our corporate offices, a bed and breakfast, an upstairs terrace restaurant (with a grand view of the mountains and the Royal Palace Museum) and coffee shop, parking garage, and our research and development center.

We'll post more updates with opening dates and more pictures as we get our new store ready to go!

MONDAY, MAY 4, 2009
SAG Athlete Nima Sherpa Wins Annapurna Mandala 300 km Trail Race

Sherpa Adventure Gear congratulates Nima Sherpa for winning the 2009 Annapurna Mandala Trail Race, a grueling 300-kilometer race that goes through the heart of the Annapurna Region in Nepal. The race tops out at 5,416 meters over Thorong Pass and goes by 4,919-meter Lake Tilicho, the world's highest lake. The 9 stage race took place from April 9 to April 17 and includes 17,000 meters of height gain and 16,000 meters of height loss. Nima placed 1st in the women's division and 8th overall out of 36 people total.

Nima Sherpa is an experienced high-altitude, long-distance marathon racer with 12 major races under her belt, including the Everest Marathon, the Annapurna Mandala Trail, and The Ultimate Trail Race. She regularly places in the top four with several 1st and 2nd place finishes.

Good Job Nima!!!

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